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22 Britannia Mall

Mitcham VIC 3132






The Brit

bacon, cheese, tomato chutney and poached eggs served on house-made hash browns 19.9


Spanish (gfa)

chorizo, smashed avocado, fresh salsa, poached egg and balsamic glaze on sourdough

(vegetarian option available w/ halloumi) 18.9


Big Breakfast

eggs your way, bacon, sausage, spinach, hash brown, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and hollandaise served w/ sourdough 24.9


Benny (gfa)

poached eggs and hollandaise on an english muffin w/ your choice of ham, spinach or bacon 19.9

w/ pulled pork or salmon add $1


House-Made Baked Beans (gfa)

chorizo, tomato, herbs, poached eggs and feta served w/ sourdough 21.9


Pancakes (v)

w/ nutella, mixed berries, macadamia crumble and salted caramel ice-cream 20.9


Smashed Avocado (gfa)

w/ prosciutto, saganaki, poached egg, watercress, pomegranate and dukkah served on a crushed home- made hash brown 23.5


Smashed Pumpkin (v) (gfa)

w/ feta, sautéed spinach, pine nuts and a poached egg on sourdough 21.9


Almond Milk Porridge (vg)

topped w/ macadamia crumb, fresh berries and seasonal fruits 19.9


Egg White Omelette (gfa)

smoked salmon, roasted beetroot slices, spinach and goats cheese w/ multigrain toast 22.9


Breakfast Bowl (gf)

bacon, quinoa, avocado, pumpkin, asparagus, poached egg, spinach, pomegranate and roasted almond flakes 20.9


Mushroom Breakfast (v) (gfa)

w/ asparagus, smashed avocado, spinach, goats cheese and a poached egg on sourdough 21.9


Vegan Breakfast (vg) (gfa)

tofu, beetroot hummus, spiced cauliflower, pumpkin, caramelised onion, pomegranate, spinach and macadamia crumb on sourdough 21.9


Brunch Burger

bacon, halloumi, fried egg, avocado and tomato chutney served in a brioche bun w/ a house-made hash brown 19.5


French Toast (v)

w/ candied nuts, saffron poached pear and vanilla ice-cream 19.5


Egg & Bacon Turkish Roll (gfa)

w/ bbq mayo and cheese 12.9


Açaí Bowl (vg)

açaí and banana smoothie w/ granola, fresh berries, seasonal fruits and peanut butter 17.9


Eggs On Toast (gfa)

poached, scrambled, fried or over easy 12.5


Fruit Toast (vga)

served w/ butter 7

(gf) gluten free

(gfa) gluten free available

(v) vegetarian

(vg) vegan




Tasting Plate

3 homemade dips served w/ grilled pita bread, halloumi, prosciutto, ham, salami, marinated olives and garden salad 24.5



corn chips, pulled pork, mozzarella cheese, fresh salsa, guacamole and sour cream 21.9


Lemon Pepper Calamari

w/ coleslaw, roquette, onion, saffron aioli and lemon 21.9


House-Made Zucchini, Ricotta & Corn Fritters (v)

w/ tomato relish, avocado, quinoa, pomegranate and a poached egg 21.9


Fish & Chips

beer battered flathead served w/ chips, garden salad, tartare sauce and lemon 22.5


Lamb Salad (gf)

w/ chat potatoes, cherry tomatoes, feta, spinach and roasted capsicum topped w/ hummus 24.9


Open Chicken Souvlaki

grilled chicken w/ greek salad, pita bread and tzatziki 21.9


Peri Peri Chicken Burger

w/ pineapple, lettuce, sliced tomato, cheese, gherkins and aioli served in a brioche bun w/ chips 23.9


Wagyu Beef Burger

w/ bacon, cheese, fried egg, lettuce, sliced tomato, onion jam and bbq mayo served in a brioche bun w/ chips and onion rings 25.5



three soft shell tacos w/ grilled chicken, halloumi, pomegranate, onion and spicy mayo 22.9


Vegan Salad (vg)

falafel, quinoa, asparagus, spinach, smashed avocado, roasted beetroot slices, pickled carrot, pomegranate, seed mix and a macadamia crumb 21.5


Wedges 11.9      Bowl Of Chips 9.9


Garden Salad 5.6 

Greek Salad 6.9




(gf) gluten free

(gfa) gluten free available

(v) vegetarian

(vg) vegan